At Vitré (35), House Texier made the choice of high-end

Specialist leather goods, society Texier redirects its output to the high-end. It is any strategy that changes, from manufacturing to the communication.
The company was created in 1951 by our parents, Louis and Louise Texier", tells Jean-Luc Texier, their son, Director-general. "At first, they were only both. They prided of bags, such as those that were used then to go do the commissions. Then, they were going to sell them in the markets and in the neighbouring villages... »

The least that can be said, is that House Texier made way since these craft time. "We currently employ 300 people including 230 on the site of Vitré (Ille-Et-Vilaine", we learn. 2012: 15 Million euros turnover. Stable for three or four years.
A network of shop
The production? Handbags for women, 'business' towels, small leather goods  Replica Handbags. Plush, popular articles for their classic elegance. Only here: trade are now upset at the international level. And the economic crisis rages.

No question Jean-Luc Texier to attend these transformations idly. "For a year and a half, I've crisscrossed the France to reflect on the distribution of our products. And I concluded the need to change our perspective, do not remain multi-brand retailers. »
Result: eight stores Texier have already opened across the country: in Paris, Lille, Strasbourg, Nantes, Angers, Montpellier, Toulouse and Nice. 'Corners' (specific sales space dedicated to a brand in a store, Editor's note) have also appeared in Brest, Caen, Tours, Charleville-Mézières and Brussels. And it is about opening franchises in France and abroad.
High spirit of range

During his wanderings, the boss also noted that the market is divided now, very strongly, between a sector of luxury, on the one hand, that works very well and, on the other hand, the mass of the products from low-end mainly Asian industry.

"Under these conditions, the average range will the difficulties to survive in the future. '' A five year project therefore was established to go upmarket upwards involving all reorganize the company", announced Jean-Luc Texier. A young artistic director, coming from the world of luxury, Baptiste Pagès, was recruited into this perspective. The range of products will grow with the arrival of many accessories (gloves, umbrellas, scarves, square silk, etc.) and luggage in 2014.

A new marketing manager joined the team to know the changes taking place  Rolex Replica . Finally, since July 15, Cynthia Texier (3rd generation) has set up a website selling online. But according to "the high spirit of range" now required, of course.
Question of image

Without obviously wanting to raise to the rank of the Hermes, Vuitton or Gucci, become almost inaccessible, the House Texier shows however determined to take his place in a demanding market.

"Currently, our export share is 15%", recognizes Jean-Luc Texier that, ultimately emerging countries. A new strategy is in place for this. "Yes, the growth will increase by the international. But we must first establish the image of our society at the national level,"observes, cautious, business leader. An image reinforced by the label 'Living heritage enterprises' which was presented in March 2013.


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